U.S. Herefords Travel to Kazakhstan

Dinara Ranch imports first U.S. beef cattle — Herefords.
by Angie Stump Denton

June 22 a jumbo jet full of Herefords left Chicago O’Hare International Airport destined for Kazakhstan, in Central Asia. It was an historic event; the group was the first U.S. beef cattle to be imported to Kazakhstan.

Traveling with the cattle were Mark McClintock, manager of Rocking Chair Ranch, Ft. McKavett, Texas, and Gary Wilson of Reasons Group Inc., Ft. Worth, Texas. McClintock served as a representative of the Winrock Foundation, an international volunteer organization.

“It was awesome,” McClintock says about the trip and the opportunity to spend time in Kazakhstan helping acclimate the cattle to their new environment. “I was so impressed with the skill and knowledge of the men who took care of the cattle, especially with the limited facilities they have available to them at this time,” he adds. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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